How does Intel promote its content?

We work with many big brands to make content marketing matter for their business. Across pre-sales conversations, industry events and customer engagements we typically see brands falling in one of three buckets:

  1. I need to create content.
  2. I’m creating content but I need to build an audience.
  3. I’m able to create content and build and audience, but I need to drive and demonstrate actual business results.

Intel is one such brand that’s operating toward the more evolved end of that spectrum. Having developed a sophisticated, yet flexible framework for promoting content, our friend, customer and advocate Luke Kintigh has been a true pioneer in institutionalizing content distribution and connecting Intel’s content efforts to the company’s brand and business goals.

When Chad Pollitt from Relevance presented us with the idea of teaming up as a sponsor for Luke’s new 58-page eBook on how Intel does content promotion, we of course jumped at the opportunity.

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While there is a wide array of tools and practices in this eBook that may not be perfectly applicable to every business, one of the most important principles to take away is that brands do in fact need a comprehensive, consistently executed approach to content distribution.

And whatever content promotion framework you decide on, you should make sure it has these four critical characteristics: (1) it’s data driven, (2) it’s highly adaptable, (3) it’s explicitly tied to brand and business objectives, and (4) it’s fully integrated with the rest of your content marketing strategy and operation.

We’re pleased to be a part of the eBook and part of how Intel approaches its content marketing efforts – and hope you enjoy this new resource!

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