How Health and Wellness Brands Can Create Captivating Content Marketing Experiences


When you’re feeling under the weather, how often do you Google your symptoms? Or what about when you’re thinking about a new diet or exercise routine? Perhaps you turn to one of your favorite health and wellness brands for helpful guidance or rely on Google to serve up relevant content based on your search. With so many online searches related to health taking place each day, health and wellness brands have a real opportunity to carve out their rightful spot in the health and wellness content world.

Whether your brand focuses on weight loss or general health and fitness, there are several things you can do to earn consumer attention with engaging content experiences. Here are a few content strategies you can leverage to attract consumers to your brand, build loyalty, and improve quality of life using captivating content.

Use Data to Inform Content Decisions

Consumers can search for gamut of health, wellness and fitness related content. But what does your target audience really want to read and consume? To answer this question, you should take a look at the data. At the qualitative level, you can easily interview a few of your customers who best align with your primary target customer. Ask about the challenges they face, what topics they research online and how your brand can meet a specific need or interest.

On the quantitative side, you need content intelligence to dive deep on the content that active website visitors are actually consuming and taking action on. For example, you can look at top-performing content in terms of views (or website traffic), engaged views (or visitor that spend more than 30 seconds on a page), recirculation (or rate at which a visitor views a second piece of content) and conversion (or rate at which visitors take an important action from that content). When you understand which content influences a customer action, you can hone your strategy to create more content that delivers ROI.

Tell Inspiring Stories

Brand storytelling has become a critical component for content marketing. Every brand publisher and content marketer is a storyteller these days. That’s because our brains are wired to connect with compelling stories, making the information in those stories more engaging. Studies even show that messages delivered as stories are 22X more memorable than facts. When it comes to health and wellness content, stories can make a major impact on the way readers respond to your brand.

Jenny Craig is one weight loss brand that leans on storytelling to inspire readers to live a healthy life and hit their weight loss goals. The brand delivers content at each stage of the weight loss journey—from diet and fitness tips to weight loss success stories to content to help customers remained focused and inspired. Jenny Craig uses a variety of content formats and topics, starting with inspiring success stories. The brand’s blog features more regular and timely personal stories from Jenny Craig customers, engaging customers at a personal level and humanizing the brand. By sharing these stories, Jenny Craig connects people to the brand at a personal level, conveys the brand’s success and helps customers feel that they’re not alone in their journey.

Individualize the Content Experience

If a visitor to your website can immediately find the content that’s most applicable to their needs and what they’re searching for, they are most likely to trust and value your brand. This level of personalization requires you to align your health and wellness content to the unique needs of each visitor, which is why it’s also known as “individualization.”

Whenever possible, align your health and wellness content to the unique needs of each visitor. By serving up stories that align with content preferences and online behavior, brands can ensure readers are primed and more inspired to take action through tailored content experiences. Individualization technology makes this possible by delivering the most optimal content experience for each individual based on interests, behavior and current trends.

OneSpot uses machine learning to instantly analyze all available content, along with real-time and historical signals, to deliver the most optimal piece of brand content to each visitor in the moment. Click here to learn more about machine learning powered individualization to deliver the right content at the right time.


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