How to Break Down Technology Silos to Achieve Greater Efficiency and ROI


A business can find itself unintentionally using dozens of different software products, given how easy it is for individual, siloed departmental teams to implement new technology. It doesn’t matter who it is — marketing, finance, purchasing, supply chain, and more can end up creating their own micro-IT departments and making independent decisions about software implementation. But when departments act as silos, this brings inefficiency, wasted resources and blind spots. This fragmented approach causes overlap that misses the opportunity to take a more streamlined big-picture, cohesive strategy. By consolidating siloed SaaS platforms and approaching from an overarching view of the overall organizational technology needs, companies can share resources and improve transparency, ultimately improving ROI.

Identify the Silos

A thorough audit will help identify areas where tools or services may be duplicative, complementary, or contributing to process dysfunction. Communication internally, to understand what products and services are currently being used, is essential for compiling a comprehensive list of current products, functions, costs, needs being met, needs not being met, and employee awareness of available systems. Communication externally with current providers is another important step to learn what additional products may be offered, possibly with valuable discounts offered given scale, to solve needs while contributing to a unified company-wide approach.

Model a Collaborative Culture

In a transparent, collaborative culture, employees and teams have the potential to be more engaged and resourceful. Consider the benefits of connecting with colleagues in varied departments, and the insights that could be gained to improve the overall business. Being able to take down walls between departments is a valuable skill that companies want their employees to bring to work every day, now more than ever given the increase in remote work.

Consider the Savings, Innovation and Growth Opportunities

By consolidating products and streamlining, there’s an opportunity to benefit from scale discounts and reduce or eliminate costs from multiple vendor products. IT teams can focus their efforts in working with fewer vendors, saving time and improving efficiency. Resources can be deployed in smarter, more efficient ways, resulting in driving down costs across the organization and bringing up ROI.

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