How to Deliver Content Experiences That Spark Joy


Netflix’s new show “Tidying Up” has people across the nation overhauling their closets and organizing their homes. One of the basic principles of Marie Kondo’s method to organization is joy — if an item in your home or closet doesn’t spark joy, then toss it. It’s a simple concept, and one that’s particularly relevant to how people consume content.

Similar to a cluttered home, the digital ecosystem is cluttered with content for people to engage with. Our inboxes are flooded with emails from brands and our favorite digital platforms are serving branded content and offers all day long. So how do we, as consumers, choose which pieces of branded content and content experiences to engage with? You guessed it — we gravitate toward the ones that spark joy.

Whether that’s helping a customer solve a problem, get an answer to a burning question, or simply delight them with a unique and engaging experience, content experiences that spark joy are memorable, driving trust and loyalty with your brand. Here are some content experiences that can spark joy for your customers.

Delighting and Building Trust with Consumers with Education

As brands focus on making their marketing strategies more customer centric, they are pivoting away from pushing products and services and instead focusing on helping customers solve problems. A content-driven marketing strategy is focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to ultimately convert your audience into customers.

These are the types of content experiences that spark joy for customers. They tell us that they most value content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) them, versus content that entertains them. For this reason, content marketers should be striving to create more educational and informative content, such as how-to articles, tutorials, recipes or data-driven content. When a prospective customer engages with this type of content during a time of need, they will find value in it — sparking joy. This, therein, builds trust and value in your brand.

For example, Huggies, one of the leading brands for families with young children, provides parents with solutions to their babies’ diapering and toilet training needs. While the brand sells products that are specifically focused on diapers, Huggies also delivers educational content to keep its audience engaged throughout each stage of the pregnancy and parenting journey. Check out this blog post to read more about how Huggies, and other brands, are leveraging educational content to spark joy for customers.

Sparking Joy with Individually Relevant Content

Consumers are exposed to hundreds (if not thousands) of branded messages per day, or what Accenture calls “burden of choice.” Brands have to find a way to ensure its content stands out so consumers take notice, and consumers have to sift through content experiences to find the ones that spark joy.

The ones that do, indeed, spark joy are those that are personalized to the needs and interests of each consumer. Studies show that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that go out of their way to send them relevant offers and recommendations. And the majority of US consumers like to receive personalized messages. This gives brands a strong opportunity to effectively engage—and spark joy for—these individuals.

One way individually relevant content experiences spark joy is through product recommendations that are relevant to customer needs. Using individualization technology, brands can display products based on the content a reader is consuming and their stage in the customer journey. For example, a customer viewing a recipe could be presented with a specific product to help them make the recipe at home.

Nestlé Toll House uses individualization technology to serve up individually relevant content to visitors on, creating the optimal content experience for every individual on the homepage, recipe pages and product pages. This enables the brand to showcase related recipes and recommended products to keep users engaged and inspire to take a valuable conversion, like purchasing the recommended product.

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