How to Inspire Customers During the Holidays with Personalized Content


From Black Friday to New Year’s Day, the holiday season gives consumers a lot to get excited about. Brands get excited about the holidays too. Marketers are abuzz with outstanding efforts to attract and delight customers, all to capture their precious mind (and wallet) share.

We know that personalizing the brand experience is essential to captivating customers no matter the time of year. But when the holidays lead audiences to be more actively engaged with brands, marketers should lean into the opportunity to personalize their content and campaigns even more.

Here are a few ways you can use personalization to drive deeper engagement during the busy holiday season.

Delivering Predictive Content Based on Customer Needs

You can deliver personalized content recommendations to aid customers in their holiday shopping journey. Also known as “predictive content,” personalized content recommendations are designed to engage and inform consumers to build trust and loyalty during and after the holidays. Examples of personalized content recommendations can include serving up relevant blogs, recipes or articles based on a customer’s search behavior on your website, or recommended videos or guides to educate them on a specific product they’ve been searching about or just purchased.

Through machine learning, these content recommendations are delivered to customers strategically and automatically during their moment of need, and ideally to aid in the purchase decision.

Providing Product Recommendations Relevant to the Content Experience

Research shows that today’s consumer values personalized experiences from brands. In fact, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember to send them relevant offers and recommendations. But with so many customers, data, and product offerings, how can you determine which customers should receive which product recommendations? And how can you do this in a scalable way?

One strategy is to align product recommendations to the content they are consuming. For example, if a customer is viewing a holiday recipe, your website can serve up a related recipe or product they can purchase to make the holiday dish at home.

However, to seamlessly automate the process, you need machine learning-driven tools in place to collect data about customers’ content consumption and tie specific product recommendations to the content being consumed. This data provides valuable insight to deliver personalized product recommendations targeted to each individual, creating a unique content experience for each customer and helping them find the right holiday-related content to meet their needs.

Individualize the End-to-End Content Experience

With the right personalization technology, you’re able to deliver individualized content or product recommendations based on the unique characteristics and behaviors of each individual consumer. This level of personalization is known as “individualization,” and it allows brands to individualize content to a segment of one and deliver personalized content in real time based on individual customer profiles. By gaining individualized insights on each customer, you can provide meaningful content experiences that will deeply engage and delight your audience throughout the holidays.

Bring People Closer to the Content That Matters

With the right individualization tools and strategy in place, you can make sure you’re using data in the most customer-centric way to help users have meaningful interactions with your content.

Click here for a closer look at how individualization technology works to create 1:1 content experiences for customers.


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