How to Use Data to Individualize Content Experiences


The most customer-centric companies leverage data across the organization to build more powerful and delightful experiences for their users. The marketers within these organizations focus on leveraging vast amounts of data to deliver hyper-relevant content experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

To achieve this objective, many are doubling down on data-driven personalization to make their experiences more customer-centric; Forrester reports that 89% of all digital marketers are investing more in personalization technology to meet consumer expectations. But the savviest digital leaders of today are taking these efforts one step further by using data and machine learning to generate unique content for individual members of their audience.

Known as individualization, this strategy requires automated, scalable and real-time data extraction and analysis, delivered by the right machine learning-driven tools, to deliver a truly customer-centric experience. With the right data and tools in place, you can ensure each interaction a customer has with your brand will offer a moment of relevant discovery and delight.

Here we share how you can leverage data to individualize content experiences for your users across the entire customer journey.

Build a Complete Picture of Each Customer

To successfully execute an individualization strategy of any kind, you have to know your customers intimately based on all the data they share with you. This includes data about what customers say (like ratings, reviews and other user-generated content), data about what customers do (like clicks and website behavior) and data about the customer’s current context (like the devices they’re using or where they are in the customer journey). Using the data repositories at your disposal or individualization tools, you can build a robust view of each individual.

Individualize Your Website and Beyond

With your rich customer profiles in place, you can pair those profiles with content to individualize the content experience across every screen and channel. But to make an omnichannel strategy possible, you need tools that can do real-time analysis on customer searches and click behavior alongside an analysis of your content, specifically content performance and engagement data. With usage analytics data and machine learning, you can instantly identify and deliver the most relevant piece of content unique to an individual’s interests, behavior and current trends.

As a result, customers get the content that’s most relevant to them and they spend more time engaging with your brand. For example, Campbell’s VP of digital acceleration recently reported that they used OneSpot’s AI-based individualization platform to help the brand serve up individualized experiences to more than 20 million visitors a year. Through their data-driven omnichannel approach, their site delivers product and recipe recommendations based on what a user has searched for or viewed previously, resulting in a 34% increase in the percentage of visitors viewing three or more recipes.

Gain Actionable Insights and Then Optimize

A data-driven individualization strategy enables customer data and content performance to be assessed in real time. Through machine learning, individualization tools essentially create a fluid feedback loop from customer action and performance data into editorial and digital strategy.

Sophisticated individualization technology is able to understand the content characteristics that correlate to customer action. We call content pieces with these characteristics “active” content because they are particularly good at driving customer action. After nailing down those characteristics and which assets have them, the technology is able to optimize the customer journey. It pivots in the moment to fine tune the content experience by serving up those most relevant, high-performing content pieces to the individuals who would care about them most.

Bring People Closer to the Content That Matters

Marketers have a massive amount of data at their fingertips. But no amount of data can actually enhance the customer experience if it’s not analyzed and acted upon in an effective manner. With the right individualization tools and strategy in place, you can make sure you’re using data in the most customer-centric way to help users have meaningful and delightful interactions with your content.

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