Individualization Spotlight: Campbell’s


For consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, one of the most pressing challenges today is addressing the needs of the digital shopper rather than the in-store consumer they’ve traditionally prioritized. Many brands are turning to content to meet consumers’ specific needs by developing digital content, like articles, videos, and recipe content. These assets are designed to attract consumers during their moment of need (like when they need a specific recipe) and engage them more deeply with the brand.  

Campbell’s is one CPG brand that recognized this shift in consumer behavior and expectations. Even as a household brand with more than 150 years of brand recognition to stand by, they knew they needed to transform their digital marketing capabilities to engage with consumers in a more modern and meaningful way.

Here we provide a closer look at how Campbell’s transformed its content experience strategy and leveraged individualization to facilitate more meaningful consumer connections.

A Broad Content Portfolio with Campbell’s Kitchen

For years, Campbell’s has invested heavily in recipes to build a large content portfolio for its audience. Called Campbell’s Kitchen, the content hub features recipe content from its product portfolio. But it’s more than recipe content that makes Campbell’s Kitchen stand out from other recipe sites. The hub also features kitchen guides to give readers insight on general cooking procedures. For example, “7 Things You Need to Know About a Slow Cooker” educates readers while serving up recipes related to slow cooking.

Individualized Content Experiences

As Campbell’s VP of Digital Acceleration Matt Pritchard said, “For CPG, our biggest challenge is how do we create a value exchange and provide a reason for a consumer to want to have a relationship with us in whatever form they want.”

Despite a growing content library and an established consumer audience, Campbell’s knew they needed to create a content experience that drives deeper engagement and inspires consumers to purchase. This drove Campbell’s marketing leadership to invest in a personalized content strategy, one that prioritizes the delivery of individually relevant content experiences.

The team worked with OneSpot to enhance its website and email campaigns with individualization technology. Rather than displaying the same content and emails to its entire database, Campbell’s was able to deliver recipe content, product pages, and emails that were more individually relevant to each visitor and subscriber based on website behavior and customer preferences. This individualized content surfaced as recommended or related recipes on the website, for example. As a result of the individualized experiences, visitors engaged longer with the content and Campbell’s is able to get more mileage from their content library, rather than having to increase content production to meet the unique needs and preferences of each visitor or subscriber.

More Strategic Content Performance Metrics

With a content individualization strategy in place, Campbell’s is able to engage customers more deeply with relevant content. However, any strategy should call on data-driven insights to measure effectiveness and ROI. Rather than relying on traditional website metrics, Campbell’s developed a new, objective way of defining content performance based on engagement —engaged pageviews, engaged time, and Active Content Users, which are visitors who consume three or more articles within a single session.

“OneSpot’s Active Content Intelligence opened our eyes to a new, objective way of defining content performance,” says James Gilbert, director of personalization at Campbell’s. “That enabled us to refine our strategic focus and make smarter decisions about where to invest in future content development.”

Once website visitors were exposed to individualized content recommendations, Campbell’s Kitchen saw a 34% increase in the number of visitors who consumed 3+ articles within a single session. They also found these users are 14X more likely to subscribe to the brand’s content and 6X more likely to click the “buy now” button.

To learn more about Campbell’s individualization strategy and their success with OneSpot, download the full case study.

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