INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of Storytelling

Jul 1, 2017

Brand storytelling is big – and getting bigger. As we’re all geeky about the content, stories and ideas that brands publish we thought we’d take a look at the science behind storytelling. Here’s what we came up with:


6 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of Storytelling

  1. ugh. please consider my suggestion to proofread your poster before releasing it to the world. I found two blatant misspellings, which reflects poorly on your reputation. Also, it looks pretty, but there is no depth to the content. All my points are probably mute since this was released in 2014. Yet fools still retweet this content.

    1. Capital P for Please (start of sentence). “No depth to the content”, please expand with specific references (like they referenced their stats). Your point is moot, not mute, but it appears it’s also incorrect as the references include links to studies from 2017. Is your surname ironic?

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