How Marketers Predict Artificial Intelligence Will Affect the Industry


Many marketers are aware of the possibilities artificial intelligence (AI) can offer, even though marketing AI is still in its infancy. Although 54% of marketers are using AI to personalize content across some channels, only 5% of organizations currently use a fully automated content personalization process. There’s still a world of room to grow into, because personalization in one channel is not enough. If you personalize in one channel, and then do not in another, you will frustrate your customers—and risk losing them.

It’s a very exciting time to be a marketer just starting out with AI and machine learning. These technologies deliver precise audience targeting, data analysis, dynamic messaging creation and automation, and more. With AI, marketers can more efficiently communicate to the right audience at the right time in the right channel, and can also reduce or eliminate the manual processes of trying to organize and produce content at scale.

This new digital frontier has the potential to redefine how consumers and brands interact, from push notifications with tailored messaging to recipes, how-to videos, and other educational content. Research from Accenture Interactive tells us that 80% of marketing executives believe AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020, so let’s dig a little deeper into what to look out for in 2018 and beyond.

AI will make teams more efficient

Retail marketers worldwide predict AI will have a tremendous impact on operational efficiency. First, 86% say AI makes marketing teams more efficient and effective, and 82% say that AI allows marketing staff to focus on value-generating tasks due to workflow automation. By configuring a variety of workflows, many tasks can be automated, freeing marketing staff to focus on strategic, value-generating tasks. For example, a grocery retailer can automate sending a personalized newsletter or other interaction focused on individual subscriber preferences. To complete this task, the marketing team creates and deploys a customized workflow for the AI-based platform to create and distribute the newsletter, rather than people spending hours manually creating and sending the campaign.

In addition to operational efficiency, this technology creates more opportunity for marketers to add value—79% report that AI changes the role of marketing to focus on more strategic work.

AI will enable individualization

There are many ways AI can have a substantial impact on the business, and 61% of marketing executives surveyed agree the greatest impact can be in hyper-personalization, or what we at OneSpot call “individualization.” The business insights that AI and machine learning can deliver predict an individual’s customer journey, which allows marketers to deliver the right message on the right channel at the right time.

Crafting messages for personas/segments is fairly effective, but today’s consumers expect to be considered as an audience of one. More importantly, an audience of one that’s optimized in real time—like a retailer sending a push notification with a discount coupon after the customer enters the store. With AI and machine learning, it’s possible to personalize content at an individual level and at scale.

AI will fundamentally change marketer’s relationships with their agency partners

Over the last six months, the OneSpot team has met and interviewed hundreds of marketers with a responsibility for content strategy and personalization. These marketers are making their moves alone, and agency partners are only lightly involved. There is a fundamental shift happening that means work that has traditionally been outsourced is now being handled in-house. That means marketers will need to develop their operational muscle, and agencies will need to find new ways to add value to their clients.

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