Moving Towards Smarter Metrics for Content Measurement

At this year’s UNIFY conference in New York City, we heard an overwhelming need for measurement and a deeper understanding of how content works echoed by many of the digital leaders who spoke.

With the monumental rise of programmatic technology and brands’ ability to deliver multiple messages across a diverse range of channels at any time, the thirst for smarter use of data is unquenchable. But marketers are still trying to figure out exactly how to measure content and determine what actual success looks like. The tried-and-true metrics we’ve usually leaned on for traditional and digital media simply don’t translate, creating a thread of frustration for digital leaders. The fact is though, marketers have expectations in content measurement that aren’t yet being met, but we have some ideas on how to start getting a few steps closer.

Our point of view is best explained in this Advertising Age piece by our CEO, Steve Sachs. Check it out, and let us know what you think: How to Measure Digital Content More Effectively.

By this time next year we’re certain there will be much progress in this area, and we’re fortunate to have spent our 2014 working with top brands to blaze new trails in content marketing measurement. Happy holidays and best of luck in 2015!


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