OneSpot Gift Guide: Top Resources to Help You Deliver Individualized Content Experiences in 2019


With the new year upon us, we’re reflecting on the research, learnings and insights we’ve taken from brands and industry experts on the value of individualization and how brands are leveraging machine learning to deliver content that drives results. Going into the final leg of the holiday season, we’re excited to share with you our ultimate gift guide for marketers—our top resources and blog posts on personalization and individualization to help you kick off your strategy in 2019.

Tools & Artificial Intelligence

Content Marketing Maturity IndexBefore building out a content marketing strategy, it’s a best practice to first fully understand where your organization sits on the Content Marketing Maturity Index. Use this matrix to evaluate where you are and what you need to do to move further up the index to truly master an individualized content marketing strategy.

Personalization Software Solutions: When to Build vs. BuyMost enterprise companies have budget, resources and technical talent in-house to build software. But should they? Read our build vs. buy guide to determine if it makes sense for your business to build or buy personalization software, regardless of whether or not your organization has the resources to technically build the solution you’re after.

Artificial Intelligence Use Cases for Content PersonalizationStudies indicate that technology will become the standard best practice for organizations trying to scale and evolve their personalization programs to meet the demands of the modern consumer. Check out this post for a few ways that machine learning AI technologies can enhance the customer experience to enable content personalization at scale.

How Automation Removes Obstacles to Email Personalization – As more teams invest in email personalization, technology can help remove obstacles and drastically enhance email personalization efforts through automation. Check out this post for some examples of how you increase efficiency and scale email individualization efforts through automation.

Announcing Active Content IntelligenceTo make more effective decisions on future content strategy development plans, marketers need to understand how content influences a customer action. Each piece of content has a set of unique characteristics that contribute to its performance. Active Content Intelligence helps marketers understand those characteristics at both the page and topic level. Learn more about OneSpot’s new approach to give marketers insights on audience engagement and conversion across content themes, topics, types and sources.

Individualization Strategy Guides and Best Practices

The Game Changer’s Guide to Individualizing Content ExperiencesWith ever-changing consumer expectations and technology barriers, the rise of individualization can seem like another a new challenge in an already noisy martech landscape.The Game Changer’s Guide to Individualizing Content Experiences can help you on your individualization journey. After reading, you’ll walk away with actionable steps for establishing a strong foundation for individualization for your business.

5 Steps to Align Content Individualization with Your Business PrioritiesThere’s no denying the benefits of delivering individualized content experiences. But even with ROI like customer engagement, loyalty and revenue on the line, many companies are still struggling to get a handle on content marketing, personalization and individualization. We believe the problem is that 36% of companies lack a content strategy. To help you get your strategy off to the right start in 2019, this blog shares five steps to follow.

The Art of Roadmapping Your Content Marketing StrategyContent marketing is a long game, which is why establishing a roadmap is one of the top success factors for a content marketing strategy. We’ve helped many clients through this process, from defining marketing priorities across audiences to planning for resource investments to operationalizing and scaling. To help you start thinking about your three-year roadmap, this blog post provides an overview of the top areas to allow you strategize and document your content marketing priorities and milestones.

New Individualization Research

Report: The Email Individualization ImperativeMany marketers are picking up on the benefits of email personalization solutions driven by machine learning. This cognitive layer allows machines to take on the more time-consuming marketing tasks at scale. We wanted to learn more about how executive marketers perceive and understand machine learning and artificial intelligence as it pertains to email marketing for scalability and more. We surveyed 400 US marketing leaders and compiled the key insights in our latest report called The Email Individualization Imperative.

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