How Personalized Content Marketing Leads to Happier, More Loyal Customers


Every customer interaction is an opportunity to make your brand stand out, but it’s also an opportunity to not only make your customer happy, but also to create a moment the customer finds worthy of talking about. But how can brands engineer these customized experiences with an authentically personal touch?

The single most powerful way to stand above all the rest when interacting with your customers is to make your content personal. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer personalized experiences, and they’re even willing to pay more for it—68% of consumers will pay more if they believe they’ll have a superior customer experience.

According to Aberdeen Group, 75% of customers indicate they like when brands customize the shopping experience. But these days, savvy customers are looking for more than product recommendations in their Amazon account based on browsing habits or an email from an airline thanking them by name and mentioning their home city. Because personalization is becoming increasingly common in marketing, it’s important to get it right by crafting a personalized content experience throughout the entirety of the buyer’s journey.

Creating a personalized customer experience with content
If your content marketing experiences aren’t already personalized, you may be lagging behind your competition. The best place to start is to consider your existing customers’ user preferences and history. The world’s largest companies use immersive personalization techniques that enable their brands to construct substantially personalized, relevant content marketing programs by incorporating customer profile information, segmentation or demographic behavior, channel behavior, purchase history, personalized product or service recommendations, online activity and other attributes from a customer databases.

But even knowing your customers’ names, address and shopping history, you can display intelligent recommendations that improve your customer’s experience as they interact with your brand online. Further, you can serve up content geared toward your customers’ interests. Instead of just sending out pricing for your latest sale, contextualized messaging can help pique customers’ interest not only in your offerings, but in your brand as a whole.

3 ways to personalize content along the customer journey
Happy customers become loyal customers when they perceive their values align with yours. When you can demonstrate that you have your customers’ best interests at heart, are smart and ethical, and respect their time, you create emotional moments with your customers that leave them feeling valued.

It’s difficult to make your customer feel valued with a form letter or a one-size-fits all shopping experience. Instead, personalize customer touch points to improve their buyer’s journey. Below are a few tips that can help you achieve better relationships with your customers, which in turn will prompt them to remain loyal.

  • Don’t overload your messaging with irrelevant information. Keep it simple: content should be straightforward to read and understand, and your website should be easy to navigate. Display featured products and content recommendations based on their interests and history, not just a random selection of items.
  • Tailor your messaging to be relevant to your customers. If you know your customer is interested in children’s clothing, perhaps you can send information about education toys, or local kid-friendly events.
  • Keep your website and its content current. Stale images and content can turn people away. After all, if you visit a website in April and they still have their Christmas sale items featured, will you stay on that site, or go somewhere else?

Finally, always remember that you’re a consumer, too. No matter what kinds of things you purchase, you have your own set of unique interests. If you don’t like it when a brand does something, the odds are that your customers won’t like it, either. As you craft your customer experience, try to keep your own ideal purchasing encounters in mind.

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