Consumers Aren’t Creeped Out By Personalization


Customization is a key value proposition for many brands today. Customized mail-order services like Stitch Fix or Birchbox have grown rapidly in popularity, and today you can even order personalized vitamin packs. We live in an age where consumers have become accustomed to hyper-customization. As a result, their expectations from brands when it comes to personalization are evolving as well.

There was a time when seeing a hyper-relevant ad on a webpage seemed intrusive; however, today’s consumer feels differently. According to Accenture, 73% of consumers said no retailer or brand has communicated with them in a way that felt “too personal.” In fact, many consumers like the personalized treatment from companies and brands—50% of US consumers reported that they really or somewhat like to receive personalized messages. This presents a high opportunity for marketers to effectively engage these consumers.

Consumers value personalization when paired with transparency

While the majority of consumers don’t have issues with personalized content from brands, 27% expressed that personalization made them uncomfortable. The primary reason, according to the Accenture study, was because they didn’t willingly provide the data the brand used to personalize the experience. This suggests that brands need to be transparent about when they are collecting data and how they plan to use it.

Brands might shy away from being so transparent for fear that it might deter consumers. However, 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable personalized experiences, as long as businesses are transparent about how they are going to use it.

The research also shows that consumers appreciate and reward brands for being transparent about personalization tactics. For example, Marketing Dive found that consumers were 40% more likely to click on items when told that they were recommended based on information they’d previously shared with the brand. These consumers also spent 31% more time on product pages. After being up front about how the personalized content was selected, consumers felt more confidence and trust in the brand, which ultimately led to deeper engagement and action.

Personalize the content experience to overcome “burden of choice”

Brands know that they have to be data-driven in order to deliver on truly personalized customer experiences. Another challenge is managing what Accenture calls “burden of choice,” or how to serve all consumers without overwhelming them with personalized ads and experiences. But the research shows that personalization is an imperative because it’s effective—91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember to send them relevant offers and recommendations. Consumers value highly relevant experiences and the brands that struggle to deliver are going to lose out.

As consumers become hungrier for customization, they will continue to demand a content experience that earns their attention and is personally relevant to them as individuals. And we’ve got just the tools to help you deliver on those expectations.

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