Spotlight: How Insurance Brands Can Leverage Content Marketing and Individualization to Deepen Relationships with Customers


For years, marketers for financial services and insurance companies have tried to break free from being bucketed in the “boring” industries category when it comes to content, relying on traditional advertising with catchy slogans billboards to captivate consumers. But as the insurance vertical becomes more competitive, brands need to rely more on delivering content that educates and informs (over entertains) in order to attract, convert and retain customers.

While brands know they need to go beyond advertising content, they also realize consumer insurance is a particularly challenging business for creating engaging content. Bottom line—it’s hard to get people excited about insurance content. But even if the topics are considered boring, they can and should be genuinely helpful to your audience. “Boring” content isn’t actually boring to the people who need it. In other words, if you’re developing educational content, then it’s interesting to those whose are looking for it. Insurance brands that do this well will bridge a gap between their agency and clients by providing something of value without pitching or pushing for a sale.

To put it simply, content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable content that’s relevant to your target audience. To effectively optimize this strategy for insurance brands, you need to produce great content consistently and distribute that content to the right customer based on their needs and preferences.

To show you how it’s being done, here’s a closer look at three content marketing strategies insurance brands are using to engage customers beyond the traditional advertising campaign.

1. Using Storytelling to Connect with Your Audience

Every brand publisher and content marketer is a storyteller these days. That’s because our brains are wired to connect with compelling stories, making the information in those stories more engaging. Storytelling can help insurance brands stand out in authentic ways, beyond the complexities of insurance and financial products.

USAA leans into storytelling to inspire and foster community. As an insurance provider specifically for military families, USAA has an inspiring pool of customers to draw from. And their stories aren’t always about insurance. Instead they are about topics that are relatable for their audience. Stories like Military Spouses: Empowered by the Challenges of Service are a powerful way to connect with a large portion of USAA’s customers and prospects.

2. Inspire Customers to Take Action

Along with content that connects with your audience, consider creating content that inspires them (before you sell to them). For example, American Family Insurance (AFI) provides content that further its brand mission by speaking to people on a deeply personal level, versus just generic insurance provider content.

AFI’s resource hub offers education on any relevant (and sometimes hyper-specific) insurance question a consumer could have. To inspire customers and prospects to take action, AFI launched a new section of their website dedicated to “The Dream Movement.” The campaign provides content to help people realize their dreams, featuring service articles with tips and success stories from people who’ve followed their dreams.

3. Individualize the Customer Experience to Stand Out

Even with a library of educational and inspirational content, the insurance space is still crowded. Instead of having to sift through piles of content across channels and brands, consumers want to see only the content, products and offers that are most relevant to their needs. Brands that do this well will capture the minds and wallets of their target audience.

To enable a highly relevant customer experience, insurance brands should go beyond a one-size-fits-all content strategy and pivot to one that can accommodate the wide-ranging needs of a broad insurance audience, from consumers in varying stages of life’s journey to those facing unique wealth management challenges.

USAA is one insurance brand that jumped at the opportunity to optimize their content strategy by moving from a static website experience to a dynamic one that better served unique needs across a varied audience through individualization. They worked with OneSpot to create a differentiated content experience that delivered the right content to individual consumers in the moment, ensuring visitors were presented with content and products personally relevant to them based on their unique user profile. Each visitor’s content experience was unique to their individual viewing history, ensuring relevance and driving deeper engagement with USAA’s content.

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