Stats Every Marketer Should Know about the ROI of Personalization


As brands continue to leverage unique content as part of their personalization strategies, they’re creating more and more assets to reach and convert customers. In fact, brands are creating more content than ever before, with some estimates reporting a 300% increase year over year in content creation. In addition to creating more content, brands are investing in personalization as a business strategy by investing in the technology that gets the right content in front of the right customer, deepening engagement with their brands. The smartest marketing leaders are investing in their technology stack, utilizing tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize content delivery and effectiveness. What’s more, brands are seeing a return on their investment in content and individualization technology.

To help further our understanding of how brands are seeing success from these effort and generating business ROI, we rounded up some of the most insightful statistics and stories on the ROI of personalization. Here’s a closer look at how personalization and content individualization are impacting business metrics like engagement, conversions and revenue.

Personalization and Customer Engagement

Bottom line—74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. Brands have been reporting for years how personalized content, emails, and subject lines are more likely to get customers to open and click than one-to-many segmentation. For example, brands report personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. And emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

Brands that take personalization a step further to individualize their content experiences to segments of one (versus segments of many) are in an entirely differently ballpark when it comes to engagement ROI. For example, Under Armour leveraged OneSpot’s individualization platform to individualize content to every site visitor and email subscriber. The platform utilizes machine learning to automate the delivery of the optimal piece, or pieces, of content to each user throughout their content journey. Since implementing individualization on its site and in its email programs, Under Armour has seen customers consume more content and generate more highly engaged users, or those who consume 3+ pieces of content in a single session.

Personalization and Conversions

Marketers report personalized emails improve conversions by 10%. When individualization technology enters the picture, brands are able to track how individually relevant content drives consumers to take valuable action. Nestlé Toll House is one brand using individualization technology to serve up personally relevant content to visitors on and in email campaigns, creating the optimal content experience for every individual on the homepage, recipe pages and product pages. This enables the brand to showcase related recipes and recommended products to keep users engaged and inspire to take high-value actions.

After serving up recommended content and products, Nestlé didn’t only see content consumption and engagement increase; they also saw that highly engaged users were more likely to click on key conversion content like “Buy Now,” “Write a Review,” and “Share on Facebook,” creating a clear connection between content consumption and valuable visitor action.

Personalization and Revenue

Finally, the holy grail of marketing—revenue. According to Forbes, 83% of marketers are reporting that they are exceeding their revenue goals as a result of using personalization techniques. For email alone, Experian reports that personalized emails deliver 6X higher transaction rates. Personalized content and product recommendations, especially when displayed to the right consumer at the right time, also drives impulse buys: 49% of customers reported they have purchased items they did not intend to purchase because of personalized recommendations from a brand.

Experience the ROI of Personalization

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