Taking SEO for PR to the Next Level

If content is king and distribution is queen, then measurement must be Lord Chamberlain in the court of content marketing, advising and guiding decisions with objectivity and experience. But, let’s admit it, getting noticed is a battle that requires more than great broadsword skills and the loudest herald.

SEO has long been an effective tool in allowing marketers to optimize content by analyzing data and getting insights about their audiences but can often fall flat in actually determining which messages are the stickiest. Certain “tricks” such as longer URLs including full titles/ publish dates and effective tagging can help a bit when it comes to lowering bounce rates and increasing page views, but there has to be a better way, especially when considering the complex and evolving needs of earned media.

But to date, most marketers focusing on SEO have been concerned with getting more blue links, higher up in search engine results pages (SERPS). How can the same focus on placement optimization be applied to earned media? AirPR offers one answer with a term it’s coined, NEO or News Engine Optimization.

The basic idea behind NEO is analyzing which key messages pitched in your PR efforts are resonating the most and resulting in news coverage and earned pick-up. In other words, whereas SEO is heavily focused on pleasing the algorithms, NEO concentrates on optimizing for measured journalistic interest and resulting PR impact.

If you’re striving for a holistic content marketing strategy that takes into account the art and science of both owned and earned content, the concept of NEO is well worth consideration.

For more information on NEO be sure to check out this whitepaper from AirPR on the topic.


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