The 4 Stages of Content Marketing Consciousness

OneSpot CEO Steve Sachs this week published an article on 4 key stages that marketing organizations go through and realize as they develop their content marketing strategies. Here’s a link. The key stages we see are:

  • Stage 1 / Creation: “I need content!”
  • Stage 2 / Distribution: “Now I’ve got the content. How can I get it seen?”
  • Stage 3 / Targeting: “OK, people are seeing it. But are they the right people? And what’s the business outcome?”
  • Stage 4 / ROI: “I’m seeing results. But how do I close the loop between program costs and resulting revenues?”

As we work with brands in actualizing their content marketing strategies we’re accustomed to seeing customers in one or another of these stages – and we enjoy collaborating and making an impact no matter how developed our customers’ strategies are.

At what stage would you put your own brand – and what’s been your biggest challenge navigating the evolutionary process we’ve described?



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