The Best of Advertising Week on Twitter

Trying to follow the action at Advertising Week in New York? You can always follow the official hashtag at #AWX. But if you’re looking for more signal and less noise, be sure to follow our list of individuals, agencies and brands who are keeping on topic with the best updates, soundbites and takeaways from this week’s festivities. Enjoy!

Advertising Week 2013 List by @OneSpot

The all-start tweeters we’re tracking here are:

@AdTheorant – Premium predictive mobile advertising

 @VoltariMedia – Real-time mobile advertising

 @Leanback_blog – The Economist’s Lean Back blog on multi-platform marketing

 @UMCuriosity – Global media agency all about curiosity and creativity

 @OgilvyOne – Customer engagement agency

 @bbasney – Barbara Basney, Xerox advertising executive

 @mishfletcher – Mish Fletcher, OgilvyOne Worldwide Marketing Director

 @tlcomm – Toni Lee, PR and communications strategist

 @BBHNewYork – Creative advertising agency

 @beebow – Lauren Litwinka, community editor for @marketingland

 @IPGMediabrands – The media arm of Interpublic

 @KristineGarcia – Ad products at Hearst Digital


Special thanks to these esteemed tweetmasters for sharing the goods!


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