The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Personalization


Brands have been personalizing their marketing for years, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. With more and more businesses investing in personalization, they need the right strategy and technology to get meaningful results. If you start by just simply personalizing an email greeting or sending bulk emails to large (albeit segmented) cohorts of your database, you’ll likely only see incremental results from your efforts. 

Here are some of the biggest and most common mistake made with personalized marketing. By understanding these pitfalls, you’re more likely to avoid them or pivot your personalization strategy to ensure it is a success.

You’re Not Measuring Content Effectiveness

As more brands invest in content creation for content marketing and personalization effortssome estimate increases as high as 300% year over yearmore brands are finding that only a sliver of their content generates the vast majority of engagement with their target audience. While “cream of the crop” content is driving business results, marketers are spending more time and resources trying to produce content that isn’t driving meaningful engagement and action.

To avoid the mistake of creating more content that’s not driving results, brands need a better way to understand the characteristics of content that does work. We recommend marketers gain insights on audience engagement and conversion across content themes, topics, types and sources. This will help them understand which parts of their content strategy are performing well, along with actionable recommendations on how to seize opportunities for improvement in order to increase audience reach and engagement.

You’re Doing Too Much Manual Work

Our research shows that most marketing teams spend more than 36 hours per week on manual segmentation. This includes tasks such as content selection, content development and list buildingall in an attempt to personalize the content experience. With artificial intelligence, marketers can eliminate these manual processes and allow them to shift those work hours to more strategic initiatives, like program planning and scaling.

Under Armour’s marketing team overcame this challenge using artificial intelligence. The brand wanted to personalize the content experience for each customer by adding a “Weekly Meal Plan” email for every subscriber. However, Under Armour’s team didn’t have the resources to produce an additional email each week. Instead, they leveraged OneSpot’s machine learning platform to analyze customer data and available content, and then send an individually personalized email to each subscriber every week. The best part, Under Armour was able to execute the email without requiring additional bandwidth or resources.

You’re Not Focused on Relevancy

Whether you’re targeting consumers or other businesses, your marketing efforts are focused on developing a relationship with your audience. You’re building content and marketing programs to attract, reach and engage customers and prospects, but the mistake you’re making is in content irrelevanceyou’re not personalizing the content experience to the individual behaviors and preferences of each consumer.

63% of consumers say they’d consider ending a relationship with a brand that served up content which was not personally relevant to them. Content irrelevance is costing you customers every day. The only way to ensure a relevant experience that inspires ongoing engagement is to individualize the delivery of content to every visitor and subscriber.

Rather than make the mistake of content irrelevance, create a unique experience across your website, mobile and email experience to differentiate your brand and build a deeper connection with customers and prospects.

Bring People Closer to the Content That Matters

Whether a visitor is engaging with your brand for the first time or the fifth, OneSpot’s Individualization Platform delivers the most relevant piece of content to 100% of your site visitors and email subscribers. Learn more about how you can deepen your brand’s relationship with consumers in 2019. Click here for a closer look at how individualization technology works to create one-to-one content experiences for customers.


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