Thriving in 2021: Achieving Marketing Success in the New Normal


It’s 2021, and we are deep into the New Normal. What does that mean for marketing? Tighter budgets, drastic reductions of in-person interactions, and dramatic shifts in consumer wants and needs are some of the significant challenges in play. But with the right approach, the right tools, and a focus on efficiency, marketing can be prepared to navigate and thrive in the shifting landscape.

Fortify the Ecommerce Experience

With in-person ops facing significant reductions, and fewer opportunities for 1:1 customer communication, there is more pressure than ever on the ecommerce experience and platform. A robust ecommerce platform with capabilities to build a highly branded, customized web experience with flexibility and scalability is key. Highly effective digital asset and content management need to be in place, to fuel the web experience efficiently while streamlining production workflows.

How do you maintain and grow sales when your sales processes have become self-directed? Marketers need to rely more on tools like marketing automation, communication and personalization to build those connections. A smart approach to individualization will improve efficiency in marketing operations, eliminating the need to create and maintain complicated, manually-programmed customer journeys that fail to deliver one-to-one customer experiences.

Recognize and Respond to Shifting Consumer Behavior

With consumer wants and needs evolving quickly, marketing must first recognize and analyze the shifts, and then be equipped to respond accordingly, with speed and flexibility. Clean data and performance insights are the building block for being able to identify new patterns, and then tools must be in place for timely pivoting to serve new customer needs. A robust loyalty and mobile messaging solution program are part of a successful response.

Evaluate Everything though the Efficiency Lens

Tighter budgets means being asked to do more with less. Looking for more efficient tools is an obvious place to start: but there’s a great deal to research and keep track of. The rewards are worth it, though, when identifying and employing smarter tools ultimately brings efficiency and time and cost savings.

Our Prime approach to enterprise software is designed to solve for this, by simplifying and advancing the way you use technology. With access to all of our Aclate products through the Prime subscription offering, you can innovate and expand with less risk, more value, and unparalleled performance, in a shifting landscape. Consider the time savings alone in working with a single partner versus multiple partners in the implementation and maintenance of these compelling solutions.

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