WEBINAR: The Evolution of Individualization & How to Get Started


Today’s consumers demand individualized experiences across every touchpoint, and content is playing an increasingly crucial role in how brands and publishers deliver on that experience. But the strategy becomes challenging and problematic when marketers mistake true 1:1 individualization with traditional, segmentation-based approaches that fail to deliver the relevant experiences their audiences expect.

It’s time for marketers to treat their customers as individuals by leveraging machine learning and big data to deliver real-time experiences that truly engage. Is your team prepared to face this challenge? We’re here to help.

In the first webinar in our individualization series we:

  • Define the language and strategy of personalization
  • Discuss the evolution of individualization
  • Review the benefits of activating an individualization strategy
  • Understand the importance and behaviors of “Active Content Users”


Download the webinar slides here.


Increase the Effectiveness of Your Content Without Increasing Your Workload

Drive engagement, conversions and ROI with true 1:1 personalization. No integrations required.

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