What You Missed at Aclate Engage Virtual Summit 2020


We were thrilled to gather Aclate experts, partners, and customers online to review best practices and winning strategies for continuous customer engagement. Day 1 of the Virtual Summit focused on the Customer Engagement Stream and how you can connect and deliver data-driven customer experiences.

CEO Keynote: Engagement DNA

Aclate CEO, Chris Miller, asks how the COVID-19 pandemic can be viewed as an opportunity to change the way companies become faster, more efficient, and customer-centered. Winners from this moment in time will offer a unified brand experience, embrace and adapt the shift to individualization, be extremely agile, use AI smartly, and accomplish all of this cost effectively.
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CMO Fireside Chat: How To Build Brand Love

In this CMO Fireside Chat, Michelle Howell, CMO of Aclate, chats with Katharine Mobley, CMO of First Advantage and brand marketer with 20+ years of experience, about how brands are evolving and what success looks like in 2020. Their discussion touches on building emotional connection to brands, tips for turning around negative brand experiences, and success stories and examples from Katharine’s extensive background working to improve brands.Watch On-Demand

Aclate Vision Demo: Rapid Threat Response

In this session, Cynthia Thomas, VP of Products, walks through a detailed example of how the Customer Engagement Platform tools of Beckon, OneSpot, Northplains, Zumobi and Bespeak work together in real time to identify and analyze a competitive threat, then take a series of actions and adjustments to form an agile, effective response.Watch On-Demand

Building Deeper 1:1 Customer Relationships with AI-Driven Content Individualization

Ensure every brand action delivers your visitors and subscribers the most relevant content, at the right time. This product demonstration shows how you can drive better results with the automated delivery of highly targeted individualized content.Watch On-Demand

The Business Side of Marketing: Achieving Reporting and Spend Transparency at Scale

Beckon’s unique approach to marketing-specific data management, data individualization and reporting, and strategic insights solves the universal issue of data visibility. This tool enables clients to respond instantly to changing marketing conditions and take advantage of opportunities as soon as they appear. In this session, Conrad Bowman, Performance Director at Scotts Miracle-Gro shares how they use Beckon to take ownership of their data to glean real-time performance insights and identify new opportunities.
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Creating an Asset Ecosystem for America’s Most-Read Magazine

A digital asset management (DAM) solution is not just for marketing teams, but something all departments need to manage their critical assets to save time and energy. Northplains makes assets easy to ingest, find, share, deploy and analyze, so teams can spend more time leveraging them and less time trying to find them. In this session, Mariel Galvin, Senior DAM Application Analyst at AARP, shares how they use Northplains’ Telescope and On Brand to manage over 600,000 assets and improve efficiency, brand consistency, and ease of collaboration.
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Powering Speed and Efficiency within a Fortune 100 In-House Agency

Technology can help automate marketing production workflows and extend the reach and impact of content. In this session, Northplains’ Xinet Partner, IO Integration led by CEO Mike Holt, shares a case study of a Fortune 100 company launching an internal enterprise creative agency. Xinet provides secure, fast and easy asset access to their more than 150 creative production, management and strategy employees.Watch On-Demand

Using Loyalty to Build Stronger, more Successful Customer Relationships

Bespeak helps businesses engage customers to build stronger, more successful and profitable relationships through turn-key loyalty kiosks and mobile (SMS) marketing. In this session, Frank Cipolla at ConnectionText, a long-time Bespeak Partner, shares how they manage more than five million subscribers nationwide to drive increased sales and engagement for their merchants.Watch On-Demand

Additional Virtual Summit Sessions

Day 2 focused on the Supply Chain Stream.

CEO Keynote: Engagement DNA (Supply Chain)

A continuous cycle of risk mobilizing, sensing, analyzing, configuring and operating with agility will help companies adapt supply chains and build greater responsiveness and resilience. To do this, supply chains must leverage platforms that support applied analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, while also ensuring end-to-end transparency. Aclate CEO, Chris Miller, discusses Engagement DNA from a supply chain perspective and considers how it will lead to understanding trends and issues as they evolve, adjusting so the right inventory arrives at the right location at the right time, and delivering the right message to the right customer. Watch On-DemandONESCM SPOTLIGHT

Driving Real Results with End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

OneSCM’s supply chain orchestration solution breaks down the silos that typically exist both internally and externally among supply chain organizations. CDK Global is lowering costs and increasing the volume of successful installations for their dealership customers using OneSCM. In this session, TJ Wilson, Demand Planner at CDK Global, shows how they’ve built a complete ecosystem that drives results through real-time supply chain visibility.Watch On-DemandGEMINI ENTERPRISE SPOTLIGHT

From Simple Checks and Balances to Lite WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Gemini Enterprise, a mobile data management solution, delivers real-time processing and inventory visibility over every supply chain transaction, with a focus on data accuracy and ease of use. In this session, hear from Gordon Conkling, Lead Business Process Specialist at Welch’s, about how using Gemini as a lite WMS (Warehouse Management System) not only improves picking but also drastically reduces overages and associated costs.
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