Why Individualized Content Experiences Build Customer Trust with Financial Services Brands


While the “customer journey” used to be a phrase coined by brands and their marketing departments for how they perceived (or wanted) consumers to engage with their brand, today’s consumers have the technology to navigate their own customer journey. They use multiple channels to interact with various brands. And they research products and companies before they make a move to engage them. Especially for financial services institutions, like banking or insurance, consumers feel the need to research their options before they put trust in a brand.

For financial services companies and alike to earn trust from consumers, brands need to align their marketing strategies and content experiences to the journeys that each individual is building. By focusing on individualized journeys, brands can deliver relevant content experiences that inspire trust and engagement.

According to the Digital Growth Institute, consumers engage with nine pieces of content on average when shopping for a financial services product. At the same time, consumers still value interacting with another human during their journey to find the perfect financial product. This suggests that while consumers want to control their journey, they also want a branded experience that feels individualized to their needs. Ultimately, they want an experience that will help them feel more confident and financially secure.

Creating Individually Relevant Content Experiences

The only way to ensure an individualized customer journey that drives consumers to trust and to take action is to individualize the delivery of content to every visitor and subscriber. Individualization technology, powered by machine learning, makes it possible for marketers to engage with consumers at a 1-to-1 level with relevant content at each stage of the customer journey – creating a unique customer experience and delivering the most relevant content during the customer’s moment of need.

Ally Bank is one financial services brand that leveraged individualization to build trust. The brand wanted to find a way to help their customers find the content most relevant to them, based on their priorities and the topics they were interested in learning more about. Ally used OneSpots’s Individualization Platform to customize the customer journey for their website visitors based on their unique interest profiles. Rather than all visitors seeing the same, most recently published articles, customers saw content that was personally relevant to them, creating an experience that feels individualized to their needs.

Using Automation to Grow Engagement without Impacting Team Bandwidth

To build trust with consumers by achieving this level of personalization, brands need an efficient way to analyze customer data, align customer profiles to relevant content, and then deliver the content to each individual – all in real time. This can become a manual and time-consuming process to identify the most relevant content for individualization, on top of having to execute individualized campaigns. Automation is the only way to make this strategy scalable and repeatable.

Tools like OneSpot’s Individualization Platform that are based on machine learning allow technology to take over the more operational tasks through automation. Additionally, these platforms analyze all of your brand’s content and curate the most relevant experience for each consumer based on website behavior, content they’ve previously consumed and real-time trends. Upon crunching the data, OneSpot optimizes content delivery by serving up the most relevant content across web, mobile web and email, delivering the optimal content experience to every individual.

After USAA implemented OneSpot, they created unique content experiences on their website for each individual visitor, enabling them to deliver more individually relevant and trustworthy experiences. USAA also extended individualization efforts to their monthly newsletter to provide each subscriber with relevant content to support their personal finance journey. With a sophisticated individualization platform powered by machine learning, they were able to easily transform their static content experiences to dynamic ones via automation and with no impact on team bandwidth and resources.

Build Relationships with Consumers Through Individualization

Giving customers and prospects the experience they need and when they need it leads to a stronger connection with, and ultimately trust in, your brand. Through individualization, your brand can differentiate itself as consumers research potential brands and services, instilling trust and loyalty as they continue their journey. Learn more OneSpot’s Individualization Platform and how we help brands deliver the most relevant content experiences.


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