Why Innovative CMOs are Prioritizing the Customer Experience


The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is constantly shifting in terms of trends and technologies, but one aspect of the role has remained constant: capturing and maintaining consumer attention. In today’s ad-driven landscape, consumers are seeking content experiences that inform and delight them. The CMO has to figure out how to make those experiences high quality and hyper relevant along the customer journey.

This aspect of the role has recently shifted to a broader conversation about the customer experience as a whole. Along with brand perception, consumer awareness, and innovation, CMOs now also view the customer experience as an important factor that can differentiate their brands. And when you look at the most valuable brands, we see that the brands that continue to innovate their customer experience are excelling, growing 200% more than brands that aren’t prioritizing customer experience.

A new Accenture report shares insights into how the most innovative CMOs are shifting focus to prioritize the customer experience. Here are two major takeaways.

Data and Emerging Technology

While the majority of marketing organizations intend to invest more in marketing technology, their focus will be on customer experience. According to Forrester, CMOs are focusing more on building a marketing technology stack that enables them to prioritize and innovate for customer experience.

To influence their decision-making on marketing infrastructure, CMOs will need to rely on customer data more than ever before. Accenture reports that 31% of CEOs expect CMOs to use customer data and insights to influence the content experience. These CMOs are more likely to use emerging technology to predict customer behavior and identify untapped revenue streams. CMOs need to use advanced insights and analytics to build data-driven strategies and deliver technology to create more personalized marketing programs.

To rise to this marketing technology challenge, CMOs have to ensure their technologies are aligned to business objectives and choose solutions vendors strategically.

Relevancy and Personalization

The Accenture report also revealed that leading CMOs understand the importance of relevancy and personalization. 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement, and 75% of consumers expect personalized content from brands. What’s more, hyper-relevant content delivers results—according to Forbes, 83% of marketers are reporting that they are exceeding their revenue goals as a result of using personalization techniques.

Using AI-driven technologies, CMOs can enable their brands to personalize the customer experience by delivering content that’s individualized to each customer across channels. Emerging technology platforms designed for personalization will be able to leverage machine learning to analyze customer data and content performance, and then deliver the optimal piece of content to every individual in the moment.

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