How 3 Weight Loss Brands Inspire Transformation with Content Marketing

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With 2018 in full swing, consumers are well into carrying out those New Year’s resolutions. For many people, one of the most popular resolutions year after year is to lose weight and get into physical shape. And many of those people rely on branded content—recipes, fitness tips and inspiration—to help them on their weight loss journey. For grocery and CPG food brands, this presents an enormous opportunity to develop content that informs and educates consumers, such as recipes, tutorials and how-to content.

But when we think about brands that specialize in content targeting the weight loss resolution, there are a few that consistently come to mind. Here we showcase three brands that are leveraging content marketing to attract engaged audiences, nurture loyalists and provide some of the leading fitness products and services to guide customers on their weight loss journey.

Jenny Craig: Making the weight loss journey engaging with storytelling

Since 1983, Jenny Craig has been delivering weight loss and nutrition solutions to customers around the world. The brand brings thoughtfully designed content related to food and education to customers through its content hub The Perfect Portion, inspiring them to live a healthy life and hit their weight loss goals. Jenny Craig’s secret sauce? Delivering content at each stage of the weight loss journey—from diet and fitness tips to weight loss success stories to content to help customers remained focused and inspired to reach their goals.

Using a variety of content formats and topics, Jenny Craig hits on each stage of the journey. Starting with inspiring success stories, the brand has created a library of high-quality videos and quotes that also serve as your traditional product testimonial. The second source of inspiration is through The Perfect Portion blog itself, where the brand features more regular and timely personal stories from Jenny Craig customers. Jenny Craig is successful in using this type of content to engage customers at a personal level and humanize the brand.

How 3 Weight Loss Brands Inspire Transformation with Content Marketing

Nutrisystem: Leading with self-service customization

Nutrisystem is another legacy weight loss brand focused on delivering nutritious diet food and meal plans. Its site is full of inspirational success stories, information about diet plans and engaging graphics. But where Nutrisystem really stands out is with the self-service customization tool on its website. As soon as a user visits the website, the brand serves up a quick form where you can enter your weight and height. Then the brand delivers customized weight loss plans based on the user’s personal data.

How 3 Weight Loss Brands Inspire Transformation with Content Marketing

This tactic aligns beautifully with customers’ expectations when it comes to branded content. Our research shows that 42% of consumers are less interested in a brand’s products and services if the content isn’t personally relevant. And 88% say that personally relevant content improves how they feel about the brand. Additionally, 50% of consumers say they would pay more for products if the brand delivers personalized content to the individual.

Weight Watchers: Focusing on education instead of selling with individualized content

Studies have found that consumers place the most value on content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) them, rather than content that’s constantly pitching a product or service. When you look at the editorial lineup for the weight loss brand Weight watchers, it’s clear educational content is top of mind. The brand’s content hub Daily Feed delivers thousands of recipes, exercise content and healthy living articles to engage audiences and align to their needs across the weight loss journey.

How 3 Weight Loss Brands Inspire Transformation with Content Marketing

Personalization technology enables the brand to make this content more discoverable based on users’ interests and weight loss status. By serving up stories that align with content preferences and online behavior, Weight Watchers can ensure readers are primed and more inspired to take action through tailored content experiences.

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