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Marketers today are being asked to identify new ways to build direct relationships and enrich CRM investments while moving from a cost center to a revenue-driving group without the people or technology resources to successfully make the change. With budgets and resources being squeezed, how are you rising to this challenge?

The solution is simple. The key to developing deeper relationships and improving business outcomes is to deliver a natural, customer-first digital experience at key stages of the customer journey where marketers have the greatest opportunity to differentiate their brand, build trust and influence purchase decisions.

OneSpot’s AI enables brands to dynamically individualize the web and email experience by automatically serving up the content, products, offers and actions individuals are most likely to respond to—in the moment. With OneSpot, organizations can quickly evolve from rules-driven marketing and basic segmentation—or no personalization capabilities at all—to a one-to-one experience.

OneSpot’s sophisticated technology and best-in-class managed services are used by customers including Nestlé, L’Oréal, Ally Financial, USAA, Under Armour, Campbell’s and other leading brands. OneSpot is a Forbes Top 100 Brand Publishing Solution, a three-time AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner and a four-time EContent 100 Winner.

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