Emarsys Alternative: Emarsys vs. OneSpot Comparison

Deliver Personalized Omnichannel Experiences
Without Draining Your Resources


Innovative Features, Easy Implementation and Quick Results: OneSpot is a Modern Alternative to Emarsys

Get Up and Running in Minutes (Not Months)

Traditional marketing personalization platforms, like Emarsys, require months of ramp time. When you buy one of these tools you are signing up for complicated integrations with your martech stack, as well as hours of training, onboarding, segmentation and data mining. Skip those complexities with OneSpot.

OneSpot implementation is easy and fast. No integrations or data mining required. And, unlike other content personalization platforms, OneSpot sits on top of your current website. This means your team won’t need to learn new processes or struggle through hours of training.


Test, Compare and Optimize (Without Draining Your Resources)

Traditional A/B testing platforms come with hefty price tags and complicated processes. Worse, you can spend months running A/B tests and still not see results. OneSpot is different. As a modern alternative to Emarsys, OneSpot simplifies and accelerates the optimization process.

Our innovative A/B testing feature makes it easy to find the individual elements and variations that perform best with your audience. Test different business rules, metadata overrides, display formats and page layouts—and get actionable results fast.

Plus, unlike other platforms, OneSpot’s A/B testing feature comes at no additional cost.

Create Personalized Customer Experiences (Effortlessly)

Providing timely, relevant content is key to driving conversions and building lasting customer relationships. Unfortunately, most content personalization tools require extensive data mining and tedious manual segmentation before they start delivering anything. OneSpot takes the opposite approach.

We believe in simplicity. And, unlike tools like Emarsys, we do the hard work for you. Our tool captures user actions, interests and preferences for every customer that visits your site. It then builds individual customer profiles and micro-targets each website visitor—delivering a personalized experience through hyper-relevant content. Set it, forget it and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.


Get Actionable Behavior Insights (Without Digging)

Most content personalization tools promise “data”. But that data is usually so disorganized and overwhelming that it doesn’t do the average user much good. OneSpot, an Emarsys competitor, provides all the information you need in an interactive visual dashboard with quick-grab insights. You won’t have to spend hours digging through complicated reports.

OneSpot’s Insights Dashboard gives you quick access to user behavior and content performance metrics that help you better understand your customers: who they are, where they came from and what drives them to convert. Our visual dashboard makes it easy to review the metrics that really matter.

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Low-Risk, Light Lift. No Integrations Required.

OneSpot’s implementation is quick, easy and requires very little effort from your marketing and IT teams. Get AI-powered personalized content in minutes, not months.

Leading Brands Choose OneSpot for Personalization

Through OneSpot, we are able to recommend the most personally relevant Avocados content based on individual interests and preferences. Being able to engage our customers based on their individual interests has required going beyond typical segmentation based approaches to tailoring digital experiences.”

Ivonne Kinser

Director of Digital Marketing, Avocados From Mexico

With an extremely diverse customer profile, we faced real risk in sending overly broad content to everyone. OneSpot's sophisticated approach to email individualization not only solved that problem, but also helped to simplify operations—we've slashed email production times while increasing subscriber engagement."

Jay DeFoore

Senior Manager Global Engagement & CRM, Under Armour

Through our partnership with OneSpot, Makeup.com has been able to activate real-time 1:1 content personalization across devices. Utilizing OneSpot’s personalization technology has helped boost content consumption, increase visitor engagement and leverage our portfolio of thousands of pieces of content to deliver relevant content experiences to each visitor.”

Danielle Davis

AVP Content & Social, Digital Basecamp, L’Oréal USA

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Connect to Your Customers with Hyper-Targeted Content Experiences

No matter the size of your company, delivering true 1:1 personalization can transform your digital marketing efforts and results.

Take a look at the growth Campbell’s Kitchen experienced with OneSpot:


Increase in active content users


Boost in engaged page views


Increase in extended engaged time on page


Optimize Every Aspect of Digital Marketing—Effortlessly

Boost clicks and conversions with AI-powered content personalization. We’ll show you how.