The Business Case for Personalizing Your Content Marketing [Infographic]

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Personalization used to seem like a far-off marketing tactic or one that only the most sophisticated brands and publishers could pull off successfully. The harsh reality is that content personalization is more important than ever before, and 75% of consumers expect and prefer personalized content from every brand.

Thank goodness this fact isn’t lost on content marketers today—94% think personalization is critical to current and future success. But how does personalization really impact the bottom line? The answer lies within developing a personalization strategy that enhances the customer experience.

Netflix, for instance, spends $150 million annually on its recommendation engine to deliver the most relevant and personalized content suggestions to subscribers. As a result of this investment, 75% of content watched comes from personalized recommendations and Netflix saves $1 billion annually through customer retention because of its personalized customer experience.

There are plenty of more ways personalization pays off. Check out the infographic below for more insight on how personalized content leads to real content marketing ROI.