OneSpot Announces Dramatic Expansion of Proprietary ‘Content Sequencing®’ Platform, Launches New Suite of Cross-Channel Solutions

Integrated Website, E-mail, Mobile, Social and Paid Media Offerings Deliver Personalized, Repeat Engagement with Content for Major Brands Delta Faucet Among First Brands to License New OneSpot Platform for Building Content-Driven Relationships

AUSTIN, Texas (October 28, 2015) – In a move that significantly expands the company’s widely adopted Content Sequencing® technology platform, OneSpot today announced the launch of a new integrated solution purpose-built for delivering cross-channel personalization of branded editorial content. OneSpot’s proprietary Content Sequencing platform, which helps brands build content-driven one-to-one relationships by personalizing and sequencing content to individuals no matter where they are in the digital journey, now extends engagement across website, e-mail, mobile, social and paid digital channels.

“Delta Faucet is committed to creating a first-class online experience for consumers and professionals every step of the way. While the volume and quality of our content is important, delivering it through a relevant, personalized online experience is equally critical for forming meaningful connections and driving business results,” said Jake Frick, Digital Experience Marketing Manager for Delta Faucet.

“Content marketing has reached a tipping point as brands continue to shift from taking a seasonal, event-driven content campaign approach to becoming ‘always on’ content publishers, building their own brand experiences integrated across channels,” said Steve Sachs, CEO of OneSpot. “With an increasing appetite for driving one-to-one, personalized consumer engagement, the best brands are demanding the ability to use their content to build real, individualized relationships with people — at scale and optimized for business results. And with growing concern about ad blockers, we reduce brands’ reliance on paid channels to promote and deliver content-driven experiences.”

OneSpot employs machine learning, data intelligence and predictive modeling to automatically reengage the same customer with multiple pieces of personalized content across channels, driving consideration, preference and loyalty, deep content and audience insights, and quantifiable business results. OneSpot’s machine learning technology makes approximately one trillion content placement predictions per day, and provides Fortune 500 content marketers with access to over 36 million impressions per minute, reaching 94 percent of the U.S. Internet audience.

The company’s new, expanded solution features OneSpot OnSite, which delivers personalized content on brands’ owned websites, and OneSpot InBox, which incorporates personalized content in branded email communications. Each work in tandem with OneSpot ReAct for powerful remarketing of personalized content in display, social and mobile ad environments, as well as OneSpot InAd for driving new targeted users to personalized, relevant content via paid media.

Each platform component operates in concert with a consumer’s Content Interest Profile — data linked to an individual’s unique user history and content interests on virtually every digital channel. Previously supporting paid media channels, OneSpot’s new platform integrates data profiling across additional new touchpoints, driving broad and relevant exposure for branded content, while also rapidly building a richer and more valuable view of consumer content history and interests for a higher level of content personalization and repeat engagement.

Delta Faucet is among the first brands to utilize the expanded platform and OneSpot’s proprietary Content Sequencing technology. The company joins other leading OneSpot brand customers such as Mondelēz International’s Honey Maid, Microsoft, Kraft Heinz, Prestige Brands, Intel, Johnson & Johnson and Cargill.

“With more than 27 million pieces of content shared daily across multiple channels, it’s even more important for brands to have integrated platforms to tell their stories in a way that builds content-driven relationships — that don’t just capture an individual’s attention once — but recaptures it on their website, when traveling on the web, through social media, email and paid ads too. OneSpot’s new integrated Content Sequencing solution enables our brand partners to address and achieve every aspect of their content marketing goals,” Sachs added.

The OneSpot platform is comprised of the following modules, which work in concert to deliver a relevant and seamless content experience for users across digital channels:

  • OneSpot OnSite – Personalizes and recommends content to users on a brand’s owned properties. This capability can be implemented as a recommendation widget to personalize the primary content of a home page, section front or other pages;
  • OneSpot ReAct – After a user has left the brand’s site or content hub, OneSpot ReAct draws them back for more with content recommendations delivered via display, social and mobile ad inventory — on virtually any publisher site;
  • OneSpot InBox – Injects personalized content recommendations in branded email communications. OneSpot InBox integrates with popular email service providers and platforms, and is designed to drive email subscribers back to a brand’s site or content hub;
  • OneSpot InAd – Targets and promotes content (via paid media channels) to drive net new online users into Content Sequencing® flows. OneSpot InAd is integrated with the top 20 global ad exchanges, provides access to over 36 million impressions per minute and reaches 94 percent of the U.S. Internet audience;
  • Insights – Delivers powerful analytics to help marketers understand what topics are most engaging to which audiences, where content topic coverage is over or under indexed, which topics have niche vs. broad interest, and how repeat users behave differently than new users.

In addition, OneSpot integrates with other popular platforms and services (i.e. CMS, ESP, CRM platforms), can be connected with first and third party data sources, and is designed to be integrated via a simple, tag-based implementation approach.

The expanded OneSpot solution is currently available on a SAAS (software as a service) annual contract basis.

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OOneSpot is the only content marketing platform powered by Content Sequencing® technology, which drives personalized, repeat engagement with branded content across websites, email and the paid media channel, at scale. Fortune 500 brands including Mondelēz International, Kraft Heinz, Intel and Whole Foods Market rely on OneSpot to build strong content-based audience relationships, provide measurable audience and content insights, and drive quantifiable business results. Privately funded and based in Austin, Texas, OneSpot is a three-time AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner, an EContent 100 Winner and winner of the CMO Club’s SXSW Pitch Competition. To learn more about OneSpot, visit

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