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Brands today produce and promote more editorial content than ever in hopes of grabbing their audience’s attention, facilitating engagement and driving qualified demand.

However, being successful with content marketing is harder today because of consumers’ increasing expectations for more relevance from brands and less one-size-fits-all marketing. When 45% of consumers will not spend time with branded content that’s irrelevant and 88% say personally relevant content improves how they feel about a brand, marketers today face a personalization imperative for content marketing that cannot be ignored.

OneSpot is a technology platform for personalizing content marketing across digital channels, giving brands a firm foothold in addressing the personalization imperative for content marketing. The company’s machine learning and natural language processing based Content Sequencing® engine helps the world’s best brands use their content marketing to create one-to-one, personally relevant digital experiences across website, email and paid media.

Fortune 2,000 customers including Nestlé, IBM, Whole Foods Market, L’Oréal and Delta Faucet rely on OneSpot to build strong content-based relationships and drive quantifiable business results such as brand lift, sales, and consumer action taken. Privately funded and based in Austin, Texas, OneSpot is a Forbes Top 100 Brand Publishing Solution, a three-time AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner and a three-time EContent 100 Winner.