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Ally Increased Clicks on High-Value CTAs by 200% With OneSpot

How Individualization Helped Launch the First Online-Only Bank

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Ally launched in 2009 as the first online-only bank. They understood that the typical financial services marketing playbook wouldn’t appeal to their target audience. The problem? Ally had hundreds of pieces of content on their website. Their large content library made it very difficult to identify and deliver the most relevant piece of content to every visitor.

Thanks to OneSpot, Ally can deliver hyper-targeted content recommendations across channels. Now the company can maximize the value of their content library, build meaningful relationships with customers and drive more engagement.

With OneSpot, Ally achieved these results:

  • 200% increase in clicks on high-value CTAs
  • 74% average page scroll depth
  • Improved content strategy overall
  • Gained ability to deliver personalized experiences across channels

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