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Delta Faucet Increases Engaged Site Visitors by 300% With OneSpot

How Personalization Helped This Brand Stand the Test of Time

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Delta Faucet was struggling to keep up with a rapidly changing digital environment. They had a large content library, but they weren’t leveraging it. The team knew that to connect with consumers, they needed to move away from a one-size-fits-all content experience.

OneSpot’s AI-powered content personalization tool made it easy for Delta Faucet to build meaningful relationships with their customers, drive more engagement and increase product sales. They’ve improved the on-site experience by automatically delivering individualized content to every visitor.

With OneSpot, Delta Faucet achieved:

  • 45% boost in page views
  • 300% increase in the number of users that read three or more pieces of content
  • Full optimization of the on-site experience
  • Complete leverage of their existing content library

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