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L’Oréal Sees 12X Increase in Clicks on Product Purchase CTAs With OneSpot

How Personalization Transformed the Online World of Makeup

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L’Oréal acquired the website with a specific vision in mind. They wanted to increase awareness of L’Oréal brands and increase sales of L’Oréal products. However, they found this difficult to achieve. The democratization of digital content made the battle for consumer mindshare incredibly competitive.

Thanks to OneSpot, L’Oréal can build relationships with a new generation of consumers, drive deeper engagement and increase sales. They’ve improved the on-site experience across devices by automatically delivering hyper-targeted content recommendations to every visitor.

With OneSpot, L’Oréal achieved:

  • 12 times more clicks on product purchase CTAs
  • 25 times more clicks on newsletter sign-up CTAs
  • An 80% boost in the number of visitors that viewed 3 or more pieces of content
  • Improvement in content strategy overall

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