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Nestlé Toll House Gained 84,000 Additional Page Views per Month With OneSpot

How Personalization Helped This Franchise Thrive

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The Nestlé Toll House brand has stood the test of time and become a staple in kitchens across the world. However, the company was struggling to set itself apart. They were facing increased competition from other brands trying to capture the attention of their audience.

Thanks to OneSpot, Nestlé Toll House is no longer at risk of falling behind their competitors. The company is also able to maximize the value of every piece of content they create and build authority with their audience through relevant recommendations.

With OneSpot, Nestlé Toll House achieved these results:

  • 84,000 additional page views per month
  • 88% increase in engaged website visitors
  • 22% boost in multiple page view sessions
  • Improved content strategy overall

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