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Whole Foods Increases Click-to-Open Rates by 25% With OneSpot

How Personalization Helped This Multinational Supermarket Chain Thrive

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The team at Whole Foods was curating their blogs, featuring delicious ingredients and recipes. They included this content in an email newsletter to inspire customers to shop at their stores. However, with a list of over one million subscribers, it was difficult to cater to the interests of each individual customer.

Thanks to OneSpot, Whole Foods can deliver thousands of different versions of their newsletter to suit each customer’s unique tastes. This has made it possible for the team to build better relationships with their audience, drive engagement and ultimately increase sales.

With OneSpot, Whole Foods achieved these results:

  • 25% increase in click-to-open rates
  • 90% decrease in effort spent on creating email campaigns
  • Streamlined the editorial curation process
  • Personalized email campaigns without manual segmentation

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