How Intel IQ Does Content Promotion

In this new 58-page eBook by Relevance, Luke Kintigh, Intel's global content strategist and founding editor of iQ, tells the story of how Intel grew from a brand publisher to a global brand publishing network- and why content promotion was the key to success.

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Most brands today understand the importance of content marketing and how it can move the needle for their business. While many brands have become prolific at creating content, they are missing an important key in content strategy: distribution.

Some things you’ll learn in this eBook include:

  • How to build and leverage a network of writers for distribution
  • How to bake distribution into your content production recipe
  • The role of paid media to amplify and optimize content
  • How to use content distribution insights to power content development while improving your supply chain

Luke Kintigh
Intel – Global Content Strategist


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