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The Email Individualization Imperative

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OneSpot and The Relevancy Group surveyed over 400 U.S. marketing executives to examine their understanding and usage of machine learning for email personalization.Read the report today for data-driven insights on how email marketers can use machine learning to advance email personalization beyond traditional segmentation. Key takeaways:

  • Email response rates are on a three-year upward trend due to senders implementing more personalized and relevant email campaigns
  • 97% of marketers are confident machine learning — a powerful subset of artificial intelligence — can personalize content to individual interests and improve the customer experience
  • 70% of marketers would reallocate over 36 hours a week to strategic initiatives if they eliminated manual processes by using machine learning
  • Top concerns about implementing machine learning to drive individualized content in emails include implementation/training and switching/adding a new platform

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