The OneSpot Individualization Platform

Marketers today are being asked to identify new ways to build direct relationships and enrich CRM investments while moving from a cost center to a revenue-driving group without the people or technology resources to successfully make the change.

With budgets and resources being squeezed, how are you rising to this challenge?

Create relevant interactions at key stages of
the customer journey to influence purchase decisions

Delivering a natural, customer-first digital experience is key to developing deeper relationships and improving business outcomes. OneSpot’s AI enables brands to dynamically individualize the experience for every customer across web, mobile and email in an automated way. Our unique approach allows organizations to quickly evolve from rules-driven marketing and basic segmentation—or no personalization capabilities at all—to a one-to-one experience.

How it Works

Contextual Analysis

How it Works

Using natural language processing (NLP), our platform automatically scans all your content, understands its meaning and context, and indexes your content and product library.

Machine Learning

Through machine learning, the OneSpot Individualization Platform continuously monitors each individual’s behavior to understand their interests and intent and to learn which content, products, offers or actions they are most likely to respond to, dynamically individualizing the experience for every person across web, mobile and email in an automated way. There’s no need to define or manage rules as our platform automatically scans and catalogues new content and adapts over time as your content and audience change.

OneSpot’s Individualization Platform helps brands develop deeper relationships and improve business outcomes by dynamically delivering the most natural, customer-first digital experience at the one-to-one level.

Platform Features

OneSpot Solutions

OneSpot creates relevant and meaningful interactions at key stages of the customer journey where marketers have the greatest opportunity to differentiate their brand, build trust and influence purchase decisions. Specifically, we increase the number of website visitors, the time they spend on your content and product pages, and the number of high-value actions they take like registering, purchasing, driving leads to your other digital properties, etc.

Additionally, by enabling marketers to deliver individualized experiences to anonymous audiences, we help brands establish a relationship at first click, converting more unknown website visitors to known contacts.

OneSpot also provides brands critical user behavior insights based on the digital body language of their audiences in terms of what is driving engagement, actions and conversions, enabling them to make more informed decisions around strategy, content and offer development. Furthermore, this data can be integrated into your existing platforms and used to build and/or enrich first-party data sets while complementing current data investments like your CRM, CDP, customer loyalty programs, etc.

What’s more, OneSpot acts as an extension of your team, enabling you to do more with less, delivering key functionality faster, responding quickly to changing audience dynamics and significantly improving efficiency in marketing operations.


Deliver a unique customer experience to every visitor across your digital properties, including your home page, category pages, product pages, and more with relevant content, products, offers and actions.




Reach your audience more often with less effort by automating the individualization of content, products, offers and actions to your subscribers in every email, including welcome messages, newsletters and triggered messages like order and shipping confirmations or abandoned shopping cart emails.



Whether known or anonymous, get critical user behavior insights to better understand the digital body language of your customers, including who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, what is driving engagement, actions, conversions and why, enabling you to make more informed decisions around content, incentive and offer development.


Active Content Intelligence

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