Optimize Every Aspect of Your Digital Marketing—Without Any Additional Effort From Your Team

Drive Engagement and Conversions Across Your Website, Emails, Landing Pages And More


Deliver Personalized Content to Every Visitor on Every Platform

Website Optimization

Increase website engagement and conversion rates without time-consuming segmentation or complex integrations. OneSpot micro-targets each website visitor–delivering a personalized experience through hyper-relevant content. Set it, forget it and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.


Content Strategy

Is your content development team stretched thin? Now you can optimize your content strategy without time-consuming content audits or extensive data mining. OneSpot indexes all of your content for you and creates a virtual content library—complete with a visual Insights Dashboard. It’s easier than ever to create high-performing, seo-friendly content on a regular basis.

Email Personalization

Improve email open and click-through rates without tedious list segmentation or complex A/B testing. OneSpot fills each email template with articles, offers and product recommendations that are tailored to each unique customer. Turn static emails into dynamic campaigns, effortlessly.


Landing Page Optimization

You need landing pages that convert. But what if you don’t have the resources necessary to test and optimize each page? OneSpot eliminates the need for A/B testing—delivering the optimal combination of content, offers, images and CTAs on each landing page. Deliver the exact right message at the exact right time, every time.

Ad Copy Optimization

Ad copy needs to be attention-grabbing, hyper-relevant and keyword-focused all while keeping to very strict character limits. Easier said than done...until now. OneSpot’s visual Insights Dashboard highlights which of your content topics are key drivers in decision making. These quick-grab insights make it easier than ever to write ad copy that resonates—leading to higher click-through rates, higher Quality Scores and higher conversions.


Low-Risk, Light Lift. No Integrations Required.

OneSpot’s implementation is quick, easy and requires very little effort from your marketing and IT teams. Get AI-powered personalized content in minutes, not months.

case-study_Campbells –FEATURED@2x

Today, Personalized Content Is the Expectation, Not the Exception

No matter the size of your company, your offering or your customer base—personalization will transform your digital marketing.

Take a look at the growth Campbell’s Kitchen experienced with OneSpot:


Increase in active content users


Boost in engaged page views


Increase in extended engaged time on page

The World’s Biggest Brands Get Personal With OneSpot

OneSpot makes it possible to create individualized experiences that delight consumers, bringing them closer to the content and products they care about and the Nestlé brand.”

Christyna Chandler

Brand Manager, Nestlé Toll House

OneSpot’s sophisticated approach to individualization allows us to simplify operations while delivering a better experience to every consumer.”

Jay DeFoore

Senior Manager Global Engagement & CRM, Under Armour

While the volume and quality of our content is important, delivering it through a relevant, individualized online experience is equally critical to forming meaningful connections and driving business results.”

Jake Frick

Digital Experience Marketing Manager, Delta Faucet

With an extremely diverse customer profile, we faced real risk in sending overly broad content to everyone. OneSpot's sophisticated approach to email individualization not only solved that problem, but also helped to simplify operations—we've slashed email production times while increasing subscriber engagement."

Jay DeFoore

Senior Manager Global Engagement & CRM, Under Armour

OneSpot's Active Content Intelligence opened our eyes to a new, objective way of defining content performance that enabled us to refine our strategic focus, and make smarter decisions about where to invest in future content development.”

James Gilbert

Director of Personalization, Campbells Soup Company


It’s Never Been Easier, or More Important, to Optimize Your Marketing With Personalization

Individualized content experiences deliver massive ROI. And since OneSpot doesn’t require any time-consuming implementation or complex integrations, your ROI is greater still.

Drive engagement and conversions across your website, emails, landing pages and more—all it takes is one snippet of code.