The OneSpot Individualization Platform

You’re using content to connect with, educate, influence, and convert your audience, but individuals’ needs and interests are as unique as their fingerprints.

How can you be sure you’re delivering the right content, products and offers to the right person in the moment?

Ensure every interaction
offers a moment of relevant discovery

Creating a customer experience that resonates is key to increasing engagement with your brand and deepening the relationship with your audience. OneSpot automates the individualization of your customer experience across channels.

How it Works

Contextual + Behavioral Analysis

How it Works

Our platform collects and analyzes content, products and offers, as well as engagement data for every person visiting your site and receiving your email to reveal individuals’ interest profiles.

Machine Learning

Through machine learning, the OneSpot Individualization Platform then pairs individuals with the most personally relevant content, products and offers, delivering an experience that resonates across web, mobile web, and email. And because the OneSpot platform relies on AI to deliver optimal results, setup is simple and there is no ongoing maintenance required. As your content grows and your audience changes, the OneSpot platform evolves with your business.

The OneSpot Individualization Platform creates the most relevant experience for every individual, in the moment, in a scalable and sustainable way.

Platform Features

OneSpot Solutions

OneSpot improves your ability to educate your audience, influence their purchase decisions, increase purchase actions, and deepen their connection with your brand by delivering a multichannel individualized content experience that resonates. We even dig into your data to bring content performance insights that can be used to enhance your current content strategy.


Deliver a unique content experience to every visitor across your digital properties, including your home page, category pages, product pages, and more with relevant content, products and offers.




Automate the individualization of content, products and offers to your subscribers in every email, including welcome messages, newsletters, and triggered messages like order and shipping confirmations or abandoned shopping cart emails.


Active Content Intelligence

Gain a deeper understanding of which topics are resonating and how individual pieces of content are performing. Discover strategic opportunities for SEO and content development improvements that lead to deeper engagement and increased conversions.


Active Content Intelligence

Fast Implementation + Ongoing Partner Support


Launch in a matter of weeks, not months

Managed Services

Rely on our managed services for easy implementation, seamless integration, and optimization support

No Changes Required

No changes to your current martech stack or technical resources required

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