OneSpot's Content Individualization Platform

Individualize Your Content
Experience Across Channels

OneSpot helps brands and publishers bring the customer journey to life by delivering individualized content experiences across channels through technology and strategic support.

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Drive deeper engagement by displaying individualized content on your website.

Drive email results and boost efficiency by delivering an individualized content experience to each subscriber.

Bring your audience back to your website by retargeting them with your most engaging content.

Guide your content strategy with data-driven content intelligence.

Keep users engaged and on your website longer by showing them relevant content based on their historical behavior.

Go beyond segments and individualize your email marketing with automated content selection.

No matter how great your content is, other websites are just one click away. Bring visitors back by retargeting them with your most engaging content across 3rd-party websites.

Powered by natural language processing, get a deeper understanding of content performance and engagement in real time.

Website. Email. Display. Mobile.

Deliver the experiences your customers expect―wherever they are in the customer journey.


OneSpot OnSite


OneSpot InBox


OneSpot ReAct


OneSpot Insights


OneSpot OnSite

Individualized content experiences on your website drive deeper engagement, increase content consumption and lead to quantifiable business results.

  • Display individually targeted content throughout your website
  • Leverage your entire content portfolio to engage visitors―not just your most recent content
  • Deliver seamless experiences for visitors in mobile and desktop environments
  • Create individualized experiences without time intensive if/then logic and AB testing
  • Deliver an individualized experience for every single user, regardless if they’ve visited your website

Your Site



OneSpot InBox

Automated, individualized email content selection increases content engagement while saving time.

  • Boost click-to-open rates with individualized content selection using machine learning
  • Launch hundreds of thousands of individualized emails in minutes with automated content selection, slashing email production time
  • Transform static transactional and triggered messages into a rich content experience
  • Seamlessly integrate with your email service providers (ESPs) and marketing automation platforms (MAPs)


OneSpot ReAct

Bring visitors back to your website by retargeting them with your most engaging content.

  • Retarget visitors with content selection powered by OneSpot’s deep content analytics technology
  • Boost content consumption and repeat site visitors by serving your most engaging content
  • Reach your audience across display, mobile, social and native

Publisher/Social Sites




Take action with content intelligence.

  • Guide your content strategy with real-time audience content performance and engagement data
  • See all of your content in one place, making content audits fast and easy
  • Learn more about your visitors content journey with detailed analysis on individual pieces of content and their referral data

Launch in weeks, not months

With our simple, copy-and-paste implementation, you'll be up and running in weeks, not months. We seamlessly integrate with popular CMS, ESP and other platforms, and in a few easy steps, you can quickly launch and start driving business results with your content.