OneSpot InBox

Personalized email content selection, at scale

Deliver a 1:1 content experience through your ESP

Every subscriber is different and traditional segmentation disguised as personalization is no longer enough. 74% of consumers feel frustrated when content doesn't relate to their interests, yet email marketers are still using the same broad segmentation approaches that deliver just that.

OneSpot InBox selects your most relevant content for each email subscriber based on their content consumption history, and automatically injects it into your newsletter, promotional and automated messages. By using our personalization technology, you will deliver an individualized content experience for each subscriber, driving results while saving time.

Deliver results with personalized content experiences

By harnessing the power of machine learning, OneSpot InBox tracks each subscriber's behavioral data from a brand’s owned and operated site and predicts what content each individual would like to receive next. When compared to manual content selection, our clients see significant lift in click-to-open rates.

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Accomplish more in less time

Don’t waste time trying to manually select content that appeals to everyone. Based on a topic or theme you select, OneSpot InBox finds and injects your most relevant content for each mailing, reducing the time it takes you to prepare each campaign, thus enabling your team to send more frequent newsletters and promotional emails. One mailing. No segments. Millions of possibilities.

Get up and running in weeks, not months

OneSpot InBox was built on the idea that onboarding should be simple. With no CMS integration, programming or development required, and a seamless integration with all ESPs, you will deliver endless content combinations that drive better results — just by clicking send.

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Seamlessly integrates with all major ESPs and MAPs including:

Oracle Responsys
Cheetah Digital (Experian)
Epsilon Agility Harmony
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
IBM Watson Campaign Automation(formerly Silverpop)

"OneSpot InBox instantly transformed our email program from a ‘one size fits all’ strategy, to a true 1:1 personalized experience for customers. We are seeing a consistent 25% lift in click-to-open rates, and customers are engaging longer with our content once onsite. OneSpot has been able to help our team dramatically reduce the time it takes to curate and setup content for our newsletters from days to minutes."

Fortune 500 Retailer, Global Director, Digital CRM

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