OneSpot Insights

Eye-opening content intelligence

OneSpot Insights is the ultimate, actionable intelligence platform for your content marketing, helping brands know more about their content consumption patterns and make smarter decisions about editorial strategy.

Your heat map for hot topics

Track online audience engagement by individual topics and categories—not just pages or sections—to reveal what your audiences are most interested in.

heat map
content personalization

Immeasurably better metrics

Go beyond traditional website metrics like pageviews and sessions, and focus on the metrics that matter like Topic Audience Size, Repeat Engagement Rate and Active Engaged Time.

Pretty, powerful

With pre-configured topic bubble charts, interests by geographic location and time plus a range of search and filter options, marketers can get a beautiful, actionable look at content performance that’s more than screen deep.

repeat engagement

"In order to make intelligent decisions about where to invest our next content marketing dollar, it’s imperative to understand which topics are resonating with which parts of the audience and how users are engaging with content overall. OneSpot’s new capabilities address a critical need in providing actionable content intelligence that can be used to make key content marketing decisions and better understand our audience's interests."

Pamela Jones, Worldwide Digital Marketing Strategist, IBM


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