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“The majority of marketers believe the future of marketing is based on content. The same majority report that they do not have a documented content strategy”


OneSpot’s Strategic Services team helps Fortune 500 brands establish highly effective strategies around individualization and content, with quantifiable approaches across people, processes and platforms. Through a holistic technology and services approach, OneSpot enables marketers to secure a measurable return on personalization (ROP) through deeper content engagement.

How We Help

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Active Content Intelligence

Our strategic approach to content analysis removes the guesswork from future content development investments and gives marketers a direct view into the characteristics of content that drive audience engagement and action.

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Success Factors

From a detailed assessment of your current approach to content, we will define and prioritize the success factors that deserve attention to achieve greater success.

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From aligning on a strategic vision to identifying audience insights to operations and infrastructure planning, our team of experts will ensure that you’ve got the framework in place to fuel your content marketing efforts and to find success.

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Technology Assessment

With the proliferation of marketing technology vendors and agency partners, it is impossible to keep up. That’s where we come in. We’ll rigorously assess your current tech stack and agency bench and provide strategic recommendations to fill the gaps and achieve your goals.

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Content Strategy

We’ll gain a solid understanding of your current content strategy, assess its performance and identify opportunities to move from a static document to a dynamic approach that will constantly improve the way it meets your audience's needs, and find great returns for your business.

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Training & Development

Our team of content marketing experts will arm your organization with the information and training you need to execute, improve and measure your content marketing programs.

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Customer Journey Maps

To create great customer experiences, brands must meet the needs of customers across every touchpoint of their journey -- and content’s role throughout that journey is more important than ever. From awareness to consideration through purchase and loyalty, our strategy team develops impactful customer journey maps to guide your content programs.

"Chief Marketing Officers are bringing content operations in-house but often lack a defined strategy for how they will achieve scale and measure success. This is where OneSpot can not only give marketers the tools, but also share the knowledge and guidance needed to hone, accelerate and align their content marketing efforts with business goals and benchmarks for success."

David Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, OneSpot


David Brown

Chief Strategy Officer

Most recently, David was head of The Content Catalysts, providing content strategy counsel to major brands in the insurance, banking, automotive, media, consumer packaged goods and retail sectors. He was Executive Vice President and Leader at MXM (Meredith Xcelerated Marketing), which Harvard’s Nieman Lab called "the inventor of content marketing." Before MXM Brown, was CEO of Highway One and a Managing Director at OgilvyOne.

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