Get Smarter on User Behavior and Content Performance

5% of published content garners
90% of all audience engagement

- Harvard Business Review

OneSpot’s Individualization Platform provides brands critical user behavior and content performance insights to help you make more strategic decisions.

"OneSpot's Intelligence opened our eyes to a new, objective way of defining content performance that enabled us to refine our strategic focus, and make smarter decisions about where to invest in future content development."

James Gilbert, Director of Personalization
Campbells Soup Company & CRM


Detailed analyses to better understand your customers and increase the effectiveness of your content

Get Actionable User
Behavior Insights

Whether known or anonymous, we develop a unique OneSpot Behavioral Profile for every individual and provide the critical user behavior insights needed to better understand the digital body language of your customers, including who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, and what is driving engagement, actions and conversions and why.

Improved Relevance
Automate Individualized Content

Make More Strategic
Content Decisions

Go beyond traditional website metrics, like pageviews and sessions, with insight into real-time content performance and audience engagement, identifying the pieces of content and topics that are resonating and pinpoint which actions are moving the needle, enabling you to make more informed decisions around content, incentive and offer development.

Build and Enrich
First-Party Data Sets

Integrate OneSpot’s data into your existing platforms, enabling you to build and/or enrich first-party data sets while complementing current data investments like your CRM, CDP, customer loyalty programs, etc.

content personalization
heat map

Break Down Content
Measurement Silos

Get a clear and comprehensive picture of content performance. OneSpot's Intelligence solution brings together disparate data sets to enable meaningful content performance assessment that doesn’t rely on manual tagging.

Focus Content Investments
on What’s Working

Confidently narrow your content investments to support strategic business goals. Our team of content experts will help you to establish objective quality measures for all content and topics, and guide you toward the development of content correlated to driving deeper engagement and greater conversion rates.

repeat engagement

A Comprehensive User Behavior + Content Intelligence Solution

On-demand Insights

Get access to a variety of user behavior and content performance metrics:

Easily identify top performing content and topics with additional insight to interest by geographic region

Understand content performance differences by audience type and traffic source

Perform at-a-glance content audits by topic or subtopic

Pinpoint which actions are moving the needle

Expert Strategy

Benefit from a deeper data dive led by our Strategic Consultants and get answers to questions like:

What are ideal content characteristics for driving deeper engagement and recirculation?

What content is successfully driving high-value actions and conversions and why?

What emerging topics should we invest more in?

Strategic Consulting Leadership

David Brown

David Brown, Chief Strategy Officer

As former Executive Vice President at MXM, an agency commonly referred to as the "inventor of content marketing", David provided content strategy counsel to major brands in the insurance banking, automotive, media, consumer packaging goods, and retail sectors.

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