Content Individualization Across Your Site

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blog visitors bounce after just 1 pageview

You’re making big investments to drive your audience to owned properties where they can interact with branded content. But, what happens when they get there — is your content experience inspiring deeper engagement?

"While the volume and quality of our content is important, delivering it through a relevant, individualized online experience is equally critical to forming meaningful connections and driving business results."

Jake Frick, Digital Experience Marketing Manager
Delta Faucet

OneSpot OnSite

Keep audiences engaged with a compelling experience that delivers personally relevant content to every site visitor.

Drive Deeper Engagement

OneSpot OnSite is the only individualization solution proven to increase engaged pageviews by 40% and time with content by 34%, creating more visitors that spend measurably more time with the content you create.

deeper engagement
increase relevance

Increase Relevance for
Every Visitor

OneSpot OnSite builds individual interest profiles for each visitor, whether new or returning, and enables you to scale the delivery of individualized content to 100% of visitors on web and mobile web.

Automate Individualized Content Experiences

Our sophisticated approach to individualization eliminates the need to create and maintain complicated, manually-programmed content journeys that fail to deliver truly individualized visitor experiences.

Automate Individualized Content
Make More Strategic Editorial Decisions

Make More Strategic
Editorial Decisions

Go beyond traditional website metrics, like pageviews and sessions, with insight to metrics that matter, like audience engagement by topic and content quality score by article, so you can make more informed editorial decisions.

Fast Implementation + Ongoing Partner Support


Launch in a matter of weeks, not months

Managed Services

Rely on our managed services for easy implementation, seamless integration, and optimization support

No Changes Required

No changes to your current martech stack or technical resources required

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